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Empowering an intelligent wireless generation

Fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, is the latest iteration of cellular technology engineered to bring extreme performance to wireless networks. With the increasing number of devices requiring high-speed connectivity, this network will need to support increased bandwidth and capacity while reducing the latency.

In parallel and the interconnected development, the “Internet of things” is connecting our world like never before. Everyday items are being wirelessly connected to our computers and mobile devices, relaying information related to weather, news, health and safety, and more.

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Who We Are

Anteligen Technologies brings intelligence to antenna technology facilitating the development of RF, microwave, and mmWave devices. Whether your application is wireless, 5G IoT, automotive radar, or UAVs, Anteligen has developed artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that help you get to market faster than any other measurement software.

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Limitless Applications

Next generation devices will require fewer or no connection points while increasing component densities.

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Connect With Us

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